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Kensington HOA - Award Winner

Community Associations Institute - Nevada Chapter held its' annual Awards Gala at the Smith Center on March 29, 2019, to recognize the efforts of Community Associations, Managers, Management Companies, Business Partners, and CAI Members, throughout the State.


A few months ago, it was a huge honor to find that Kensington Homeowners Association was one of seven associations, with less than 500 homes, nominated for "Southern Nevada Outstanding Small Association of The Year".


I attended this year's Awards Gala and when the time came to announce this year's recipient, I was quite surprised to hear the winner was Kensington. When I went on stage to accept the award, I could only say this: I am honored to accept this award. It was a total team effort that made this possible, our Board, our homeowners, and manager all working to make Kensington the Association it is today.


I have been saying, all along, YOU ARE THE HOA!

Kensington at Providence Homeowners Association awarded the CAI-Nevada

2018 Southern Nevada Outstanding Small Associaton Of The Year

For the safety of everyone in our community, please remember to always observe the speed limit of  15 MPH.

Our children play on the streets, so please slow down and observe the speed limit.

8712 Spanish Ridge Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89148

702 767-9993

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